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btv solo best beat making software
btv solo best beat making software download

Hi there and thank you for visiting our review about Btv Solo.
If you heard of Btv Solo by Dallas Austin and you wonder if this beat making software is absolutely for yourself then you reached the right place.
In this Btv Solo review, I have tried to cover up crucial aspects of the system and what the main principle that works behind this software. So that you will see what this program is about, what you should find inside, what are the main advantages and disadvantages of Dallas Austin’s program and most important, you will understand better if Btv Solo is truly the correct solution for you or not.
In case you don’t want to throw away money on beat making software that offers techniques that are not for you then we will suggest you to look over our full review below as well as find all that you have to know about Btv Solo before getting it.

Like usually, our review is separated into 3 main parts:
1. The basics section that covers the main things that Dallas Austin offers in the system.
2. The advantages and disadvantages part in which you will find the major advantages and disadvantages of Btv Solo.
3. The conclusions part in which we go over our final thoughts and also ideas concerning Btv Solo.

Let’s start with the basics of this software and get to know what you will find inside.

The BTV Solo is the stand-alone software that had the original “Beat Thang” portable production studio – that has been your hardware piece. The BTV Solo software works fully devoid of the hardware.

BTV Solo is probably the simplest bits of beat making software you can find. Each of the controls are saved to one window, though the layout is different from traditional tracks and layers we found with software. You may use your keyboard or mouse to create beats by utilizing one of several a large number of preloaded engineered sounds. Plus, there are other than 100 premade loops. It’s not easy to discover these beats, though, as there is no search panel, but carry out like BTV Solo because of its simplicity – specifically if you really are a beginner.

First thing we noticed about it beat maker could be the layout. It lacks the tracks, layers and design of traditional beat making software. This could be both good and bad because building music in layers is such a prevalent method inside the record companies. That which you do like concerning the interface is that you can make use of mouse to pick out beats or make use of your keyboard, making the process go faster. If you have a MIDI keyboard, you are able to control everything about the interface by it. But since this is not really a traditional interface, there isn’t any drag-and-drop feature or a master bus track.

BTV has more than 1,000 professionally engineered sounds that you can help to increase around 16 tracks. Circulating from the tracks requires you to have your mouse or keyboard, and you’ll easily delete tracks you do not like. This tradition beats maker automatically quantizes your music, meaning that the program automatically matches the rhythm of one’s beat to the tempo you add. This really is useful, particularly if feel your most recent creation was a bit sloppy.

BTV Solo has a section to edit WAV files, and you’ll add effects, delay or reverb for your sounds. Another thing that stands out with this program may be the bpm button. When you are hearing music, you can tap the BPM button and this will automatically accommodate that individual song, providing you with the ability to make a song with similar time signature.

The BTV software comes with how-to tutorials to help you comprehend the program and its particular interface. The business has also posted several videos to YouTube as well. You will find there’s members area of the website where you can browse forums and have the aid of professionals. You can also call or email BTV representatives.

Making beats with BTV Solo

BTV Solo has a different way of beat making than another beat making software I’ve run into. Rather than dragging and editing notes with all the mouse, all the beats should be tapped in through the drum pads. The pads can be triggered by mouse, computer keyboard or midi keyboard.

After greater than Ten years of dragging notes with all the mouse i had to spend some hours to acquire used to play and record all my drums and melodies. But because soon when i got used to that it i started to enjoy working together with BTV Solo. It genuinely reminded me really playing a device than programming beats. Along with the results were built with a good organic feel.

Sample Editing in BTV Solo

BTV Solo is delivered with approximately 1000 sounds in 16 Bit, 44.1 kHz wav format. They cover a variety from all kinds of drums and percussions to a wide range of synths, keys, guitars, even horns along with a good number of vocal and other FX.

I had been honestly in awe of the quality of the sounds that sound polished, big and professional. I particularly liked the drums and percussions that have that clean but organic too much R&B feel. Silky highs, crisp mids along with a BIG bottom.

All sounds are very well organized in drum kits and instruments. They could be loaded and previewed by double clicking them in BTV Solo’s browser.

Aditionally any sounds in WAV format can be imported into BTV Solo. Once imported they may be put into existing kits or organized in a brand new one.
Tweaking sounds

What really sets BTV Solo apart from it’s competitors is it’s arsenal of effects and sound shaping tools. Lots of these enable you to tweak every sound in depth seperately. Some can only be relevant to tracks.

With the included effects and sound shapers sounds could be altered from subtly to dramatically. If you edit sounds detailed you can create new sounds out of existing ones which uncovers an imaginative playground of the own.

To be clear: An extensive sound shaping and effects section is usual in expensive DAWs. In the purchase price range under 50$ this really is unique.

Another major advantage of BTV Solo over most cheap beat making software is it’s expandability.

What i’m saying with that are three things:

You can easily connect a MIDI-keyboard for more convenience and fun.
You can readily connect an experienced Audio-Interface/Soundcard for better sound and gratification.
You can upgrade to BTV, the top brother of BTV Solo, at another time. BTV ads two features to BTV Solo: a) On board sampling and b) VST/AU-functionality which means you may use your BTV as being a virtual instrument within any major DAW like Logic, Cubase, Albleton Live, FLStudio and many more.


Good, professional sounds
Built in effects and sound shaping tools
Instrument-like workflow
Easy connection of a MIDI keyboard
Support of professional sound cards/audio interfaces
Upgrade to BTV (VST/AU connectivity)


Workflow may not appeal to everyone

If you are searching to get a user-friendly experience when making your own beats, you should look at BTV Solo. You need to use any one of this software’s 1000s of premade beats or create your own individual presets and loops. If you have used audio editing software before, you may miss the non-linear editing that BTV lacks.

I believe, Btv Solo is very great in the ease-of-use as well as the method is laid out for you within a step-by-step formula that ANYONE can follow correctly. However, along with the launch of Btv Solo online, I’ve seen a several increase of websites offering false negative reviews, fake great discounts plus offering (or maybe claiming free PDF download), or even undertaking many other unethical methods to influence anyone to their own scam sites. Thus I want to be clear this is Btv Solo review web page that only tell you about this program as well as give you genuine and real customers’ testimonials.
One more thing, I want to tell you that there isn’t any Btv Solo physical products that require shipping. This means Btv Solo Amazon isn’t obtainable.
The most important thing, if you’d like to have full accessibility to program plus personal consultation with Dallas Austin, the simplest way is go to Btv Solo official site. Moreover, Dallas Austin offers 100% 60-day money back guarantee. For that reason, you simply won’t risk a single penny in case Btv Solo does not satisfy and exceed your expectations. Please click below link that will be point to the official site and make a change now.

btv solo best beat making software download